Large Current Stainless Steel Push-Button Switch

Large Current Stainless Steel Push-Button Switch

PB-45xx Series

Weather-proof switches specially designed for outdoor environments

Large Current (20A) Anti-Vandal Stainless Steel Push-Button Switch with LED Ring - with backlight labels


  • Market-leading 20A Capability (No more relays!)
  • Same compact size as mainstream anti-vandal switches in market (PB-42 Series)
  • Durable CNC Stainless Steel (SS316) housing
  • 0.250” Quick connect terminals
  • LED light rings configurable to be push-on (power indication) or always on (back lighting)
  • IP67 – protected even under temporary water immersion
  • Backlight button version
  • 5 pcs PC membrane label stickers included
  • Additional 40pcs assorted label stickers sold separately (PB-ST-1)

5 pcs labels included with PB45xx series
Patented 20A Design
IP67 Water proof even under temporary immersion


  • Rating | DC 12V 20A / DC 24V 10A
  • Electrical Life | > 20,000 cycles
  • Operation Temperature | -20°C ~ +55°C

Product Coding

Product IDVoltage RatingLED ColorSwitch Function
PB-4511TL-RDC 12VRedON-OFF (Latching)
PB-4511T-RDC 12VRed(ON)-OFF (Momentary)
PB-4511TL-BDC 12VBlueON-OFF (Latching)
PB-4511T-BDC 12VBlue(ON)-OFF (Momentary)
PB-4511TL-R-24VDC 24VRedON-OFF (Latching)
PB-4511T-R-24VDC 24VRed(ON)-OFF (Momentary)
PB-4511TL-B-24VDC 24VBlueON-OFF (Latching)
PB-4511T-B-24VDC 24VBlue(ON)-OFF (Momentary)
* This product is under development, all specifications and features are subject to change. Contact sales for final specs.
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