Company Overview

Company Overview

YIS Marine - A professional marine electrical products manufacturer
YIS Marine - A professional marine electrical products manufacturer

For more than 30 years, Lyric Shin, our very first company, has been devoting itself in manufacturing switches that suit various applications. Since 1992, Yih Sean, a solely owned subsidiary, has joined the group, focusing on car and marine electronics. In 1994, we opened our first oversea factory in Ningbo, Mainland China in order to provide more competitive products.

Today, Lyric Shin group has become a veteran manufacturer who serves over 350 customers worldwide with an annual revenue of more than 10 million USD.

Our goal is to continue providing products of best quality and top service to our clients in the industrial switch as well as the car / marine electronics industry.

Lyric Shin Group Profiles

  • 30+ years of experience. (Year of Foundation : 1981)
  • Serve 350+ customers worldwide
  • Revenue: 10 Million $USD (FY 2010)
  • Number of employees: 120
  • Main target markets : Industrial, Marine/Yacht Industry.
  • ISO9001 Certified since 2002
YIS Marine - ISO 9001:2000.

YIS Marine - A professional marine electrical products manufacturer
YIS Marine - A professional marine electrical products manufacturer

Main Products

Lyric Shin

Specialized in industrial switches design and manufacturing, main products include :

  • General Industrial Switches
  • Water-proof marine switches
  • Foot pedal switch
  • Alarm switches

Yih Sean

Focused on designing and manufacturing marine electronics products under the “ YIS Marine” brand. Main products include:

  • Cigarette lighter plug/sockets
  • Marine switch panels
  • LED lighting for marine
  • Other marine electrical products

Best Sale

Battery Switches

Battery Switches

YIS Main Battery Switches Series

Wave Switch Panels

Wave Switch Panels

Economical switch panels with circuit breakers


Over 20 Years Industrial Switches | Marine Switches Manufacturer | YIS Marine

Located in Taiwan, Yih Sean Enterprise Co., Ltd., since 1992, is an industrial switch and marine switch manufacturer. The main electrical and electronics products, including industrial switch, marine switch and panel, foot pedal switch, alarm switches, and so forth.

CE, SGS and ISO certified, 350 clients served globally with 120 employees, and offering industrial and marine related electrical products, including LED boat lights, circuit protection devices, car lighter sockets. YIS Marine is a professional manufacturer devoted to providing high quality electrical and electronics products and to distributors, wholesalers, retailers and boat builders in the marine industry for over 20 years.

YIS Marine has been offering customers high-quality industrial switches & marine switches and panels since 1992, both with advanced technology and 20 years of experience, YIS Marine ensures each customer's demands are met.