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31Oct 2018
VSR with Cable Kit for 2nd Battery - 2018/10/31

YIS Marine has introduced a new member of our Voltage Sensitive Relay (VSR) Series - VSR with Cable Kit for 2nd Battery. This Kit provides all the necessary cables, accessories and the VSR that you need to install the secondary battery with the VSR. Customer installing this for the first time will find it convenient to have the cables ready in single package.

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05Oct 2018
Digital Voltmeter with Battery Level Display - 2018/10/05

YIS Marine has introduced a new member of our Battery Gauges Digital Voltmeter with Battery Level Display. SP-BGX Series are compact size, self-powered DC battery gauges. The patented see-through uni-body housing leaves no opening in the front, allowing low profile outlook and excellent protection against dust, moisture, and vibration. The series includes a voltmeter, an ammeter and a voltage / current dual meter and are available in either wire output or .250” quick terminals (with suffix “T”). These battery gauges are made for either standard 1-1/8” cut-out with several mounting accessories or for popular Contura style switch mounting holes.

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