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Cigarette Lighter Plugs & Sockets

12 / 24V Accessories

Cigarette Lighter Plugs & Sockets

Cigarette lighter plugs and sockets are the most commonly used power connectors in vehicles, including boats. YIS Marine provides more than 40 different Cigarette Lighter Plugs & Sockets models with more than 2,500,000 units sold worldwide every year.

12 / 24V Accessories

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Regular Cigarette Lighter Plugs - Deluxe Cigarette Lighter Plug - AP111
Regular Cigarette Lighter Plugs

YIS Marine provides more than 30 different Cigarette Lighter Plugs & Sockets and customized...

Specialty Plugs - Fragrance Diffuser with Switch - AP133
Specialty Plugs

Special cigarette lighter plugs including USB Car Charger, Diffusers and Voltage Meters. OEM projects...

Socket Splitters - Three Way Cig. Lighter Sockets Splitter - AP118
Socket Splitters

Socket Splitter allowing up to 1 to 3 power expansion. Plug it into your vehicle's 12V cigarette...

Cigarette Lighter Sockets - Marine Grade Cig. Lighter Socke - AS212
Cigarette Lighter Sockets

YIS Marine provides customized lighter sockets with or without retainers, and various options...

USB Charger Sockets - Marine USB Charger Socket - AS232
USB Charger Sockets

USB Charger sockets designed with exact dimension of our most popular AS212 Marine Grade Cigarette...

Battery Gauges - Battery gauges
Battery Gauges

SP-BGX Series are compact size, self-powered DC battery gauges. The patented see-through uni-body...

CurvMount Surface Mount Sockets - CurvMount Surface Mount Sockets - AS242
CurvMount Surface Mount Sockets

The surface-mount enclosure designed for our popular sockets, including AS212 (Cig. Lighter...

Other Plugs & Sockets - Universal DIN / Cig. Lighter Plug - AP124
Other Plugs & Sockets

Other often used plugs and sockets including DIN Sockets and EmPower Sockets

The 1-1/8” Sockets  and Accessories Family - 1-1/8” Sockets
The 1-1/8” Sockets and Accessories Family

We all love to add a little bit more gadgets to our boats every now and then, and the need...

Car Cigarette Lighters - Car Cigarette Lighter Head with Guard - AL301
Car Cigarette Lighters

Cigarette lighter plugs and sockets are the most commonly used power connectors in vehicles,...

Result 1 - 10 of 10

Cigarette Lighter Plugs & Sockets | Taiwan Waterproof Switch Panels for Boats Manufacturer | YIS Marine

Based in Taiwan, China since 1992, Yih Sean Enterprise Co., Ltd. has been a marine electrical and electronic products manufacturer. Their main marine and boat products, include 12 / 24V Accessories, 12/24V accessories, switch panels, fuses, circuit breakers, switches and lights, which has served more than 200 customers worldwide with international safety standards.

YIS Marine is a professional manufacturer devoted to providing high quality marine electrical and electronics products. By designing and manufacturing in-house and having quality control at Taiwan headquarter, we are able to offer high quality marine products at competitive prices. with more than 20 years manufacturing experience for Marine Products, Switch Panel, Led Light, Switch, Plug, Socket, Terminal Block and Bus Bar in Taiwan.

YIS Marine has been offering customers high-quality marine and boat electrical products, both with advanced technology and 20 years of experience, YIS Marine ensures each customer's demands are met.