Buyers be Aware! Fake YIS Marine VSR found in the China market!!

2021/12/15 YIS Marine
VSR vs Fake
VSR vs Fake

Hello everyone, today we would like to tell you some bad news here.
Recently we are aware that there are some direct copy of fake VSRs that looks exactly the same as our VSR.

To share some information about a direct copy of our popular VSR BF451. we have obtained the fake product and did some test, and today I'd like to share with you what's the differences between our original one and the fake one.
Here are the quick summary
1. Fake VSR has NO Cable opening on the sides, NO CE Marks on the bottom
2. Original PCB = Black, Fake PCB = Blue
3. Fake VSR does not have 0 Power storage Mode & LED negative port
4. Fake VSR FAILED at 125A full load for 15 mins!!!
5. Fake VSR use cheap commercial IC with no EMC/EMI protection / suppression!


For more information you can check this youtube Video below:

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